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vanessa flood
Hey! look at those cantalopes! and what about them cucumbers? haha
Aaron Jenkins
Sooo bored (its 3:42 am and I have nithing at all to do)
Aaron Jenkins
.And I misspelled nothing
Aaron Jenkins
Hola Vanessa, just came by to say hey. Hope our doing well. :)
vanessa flood
oh well thank ya much hun \") how you been?
vanessa flood
oh i see. well how sweet \") lol
vanessa flood
why do you keep asking me that? lol
vanessa flood
ive been good. how bout you?
vanessa flood
hey hey \") i miss talkin to ya
Farron Sutherland, Jr.
lol idk..i guess i missed ya
Evan is my name Something with an H.
hey (= i miss yah too, how have u been?
Evan is my name Something with an H.
Hey (=, nice pic (=
Farron Sutherland, Jr.
where are yyou
vanessa flood
omg awesome song! breath into me by red!! great song lol
vanessa flood
hey never mind about the tops lol i feel like a total ditz.. im in your tops lol anyway...

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