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Jonathan Walker
Keirsten Heath
jonothan,jonothan, jonothan....u r sooo lame!!!! get on more or delete ur profile.
Megan Murphy
keirsten thats cause i told you that
Megan Murphy
hey next time alex comes up with an idea like that game we played warn me so i wont drink it cause it was nasty!!!!
Keirsten Heath
hey if ur not single then just go to ur panle and click on somthing to do with change and u can change that ur welcome i know i have good advice and do u know why......simply becuz im awesome like that
Megan Murphy
seriously jonathan you need to get on
Megan Murphy
u know he hasnt got on since he made it @ pigeon forge and do u also know were pretty much just having our own convo on his profile
Keirsten Heath
megan shut it u know im going to point out jake seriously anyone who knows me knows that i would do that! right jonathan!?
Keirsten Heath
jonathin ur single?! omg i thought that u went out with tifinny or mallisa or somthin\' did yall break up?
Megan Murphy
omg of course you point out jake keirsten i mean seriously?? lol hey i would like to point out that if anyone else looks at this and wonders who \"jwalk\" is, he is the goofy looking guy playing the guitar on the left!!! lol im just kidding jonathan!!!
Megan Murphy
u know what i just noticed??? is ur username supposed to be funny or something???(cause its not)jk anyway, happy New Year!!!
Keirsten Heath
OMG!!!!!yeah u have one too! i cant believe u put that picture on there its a terrible one of me.....but ooohhhhh look at jake...thats beside the point! but yeah u have one know

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