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Kay Anderson
Ashley and Hal going to this year's Father-Daughte
Kay Anderson
Ryan at SCC's 4&5 grade Manners Semi Formal Dinner
Kay Anderson
Koda Bear
Kay Anderson
Emily Hughes
whats Minnie without Mickey? whats Tigger without Pooh? whats Patrick without Spongebob? whats me without you? send this to 10 ppl you LOVE or FRIENDS you never want to lose!!! if you get this back it means you are important to them too!!!!!!!
Kay Anderson
hEY GIRL! I added you finally! I\'m sorry! I am not able to get on as much right now but don\'t give up on me! I love hearing from you! Love you bunches!
kennedy godwin
hi this is kennedy and i would like for u to b my friend so i love u and bye bye
Kay Anderson
Sorry everyone that I haven\'t been on in a while...but plz leave me a note and let me know how you all are! I miss everyone!
Kay Anderson
Hey! Sorry that it\'s taken me 2 months to get on and add you, but I finally did! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
Jayci C.
hey hi hello watz up!
brandon spells
hi hey hey hi hey hey hey hi wassup add me lol :lol:
Kay Anderson
Hey Collin~ How have you been? Plz tell everyone hello for me, OK? Hope you are having a great week so far! Love ya!!! :D
Kay Anderson
I hope to see you at church soon, too! I hope I get a hug when I do too!, OK? Have a great week! :D :D
Jordan Thrift
i did and i miss you i will see ya at church sometime
Kay Anderson
Hey! What cha been up to? :D

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