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Kayla Griffin
emily, lucy and me !
Kayla Griffin
best friend
Kayla Griffin
christy collier
hey whats up? :D
Kayla Griffin
hey chadd ! how are you?! kAylA
Kayla Griffin
sry i couldnt call u back.. im sooo sick.. call me in the morning :roll:
Greg McLean
hey hey hey!!! happy late birthday!! was it fun?
Kayla Griffin
it was funnnnn u shouldaa come! :lol:
Kayla Griffin
gregggggggggggy ! how ya been ?!? :shock:
Yeages Miesta
watever... ur meaner than i am... ha :x :D :x :D
Kevin B
alrighty. i\'ll take it with me on my way to work this morning. and i\'ll bring a towel, i guess. how long are we planning on swimming?
Kevin B
well the party was pretty fun once everyone started talking to me and chad. it was easier to have fun then. but yeah, i guess if i dont see you tomorrow morning, i\'ll see you tomorrow night. peace.
Kayla Griffin
ummm just whenever.. i have the hot tub too :lol:
Kayla Griffin
dont call me your negro.. ur so mean to me :x
Yeages Miesta
wuts up kay.... how r u doin.... my negro...

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