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Lauren McConnell
Preslie Gifford
U r such a weridie u hunt deer and r a animal killer its not 4 your satisfaction wat if i were that deer would u have killed me or juss laugh and shoot that werido gun of your love preslie
Lauren McConnell
yep!!!! :)
Lauren McConnell
Lauren McConnell
hey its lauren and katelin i love your profile but i thought that it was yours preslies and jacys
Lauren McConnell
hey its lauren i love ur profile it is so cute!!! but hey did u date dylan young????
Lauren McConnell
preslie its lauren plz write me back havent talked to u in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got off my cruise and i had a rocken time
Lauren McConnell
hey r yall my friends
Lauren McConnell
heeey r u really 14 and MARRIED
Lauren McConnell
hey i love ur profile and we still have ur christmas gifts so tell ur mom to call my mom and see if we can get together
Lauren McConnell
Lauren McConnell
heyyy jacy its lauren when did u get a mypraize????????????
Lauren McConnell
hey does sawyer and payton have a profile anymore???????????
Lauren McConnell
omg i love ur bg
Lauren McConnell
i found one that is kinda like it and i am going to set it as my bg it looked really cute so i quess we will see!!!!!!!!

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