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veronica castillo
pretty much a music junkie...yepp
veronica castillo
me and my niece julina
veronica castillo
my love stitch
veronica castillo
veronica castillo
hey hey...are you lost?? where have u been homie?? well i love and miss you lots!! i gotta tell you whats been going on. i have a new bf. and he wants to go to church and my leader is gonna find a group for him and I\'M SOOOO HAPPY!!! OH WOWSERSZ!!! well i gotta go::: :D :D
veronica castillo
KATHY!!!! WATS UP MAN?! HOMIE?! BISCUIT?! HOMESLICE?! lemme stop :lol:
veronica castillo
I\'m doin pretty good. yepp. how about u?? :D
cynthia ortega
hey mama howw r u??? :)
chris alvarado
nothing much ma just here doing what God called me to do, oh and chillin....lol
chris alvarado
oh and the names Chris! :wink:
chris alvarado
Katherine Almanzar
hey girl wats up i cant beleiive u goin to a group i hope u like it please tell me everything that goes on in ur life u know i luv u!!!!! :D
veronica castillo
fareal!! i wanna go back so baddd! lol! yo! i start group today...yeaaaah. well i gotta go, class is about to start :roll: bye!! LOVE YOU!!!
Katherine Almanzar
fuego was alsome i want to go again n i love triple seven they hot wel there songs
veronica castillo
not doing too well...

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