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Jena loves u
omg i havent seen u since sunday!!!!!!! haha jk ummm y wont it let me put u on my buddy list
Jena loves u
it wont let me!
Jena loves u
im mad i cant put u on my top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
cheryll perry
man i love this song lala land it the song reminds me of me :):):):):)!!!!!!!!!
Jena loves u
hey wats up cheryl
Jena loves u
who you r u from georgia cuz u joined my group
Hailey Harrison
hey. take my quiz under my blogs to see if you really know me. :) -hailey
Elizabeth Little
i got it at photobucket.com
cheryll perry
r u the real vannesa hudgens
Hailey Harrison
hey girlie! what\'s up with u? i luv u bunches and want u to know that i am always here for u. if u ever need me to pray 4 u... just say the word. will u b going to church 2nite? i sure hope u will! -haileybug :D
cheryll perry
tk u girl so y didnt u go to choir
cheryll perry
hey y dont u come on
cheryll perry
things about me
Hailey Harrison
:D Hey...Lola! What\'s up? I didn\'t see you tonight at church. Where were you?...downstairs? Talk to ya later. God loves you! :D LoveAlways, Hailey Harry(Harrison)
brooke lauren
hi im fine how r u and dont forget 2 tell me about x~mas lol :lol: ~brooke~

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