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Makayla Handy
skyler handy
hey makayla. i love you bunches. you are the best sis a girl could ask for. :P
skyler handy
hey sister wuz up
skyler handy
hey mickey mouse i love your page. email me soon. i love u.
skyler handy
hey mickey. i love you. you are the best sister a girl could ask for. u rock. right me back. btw i love your page. it is so cool. i love the song. that is the coolest song in the world. :O
skyler handy
hey mickey u rock. i love your page.
skyler handy
hey sis. u are the best sis in the whole wide world. i hope that ur eye starts to feel better
gabi pollard
hey ur awesome i luv alvin and the chipmunks ;)
Makayla Handy
hey caleb this is makayla and i wanted to say hi to you and see what you your up to so bye p.s. you rock bye agian
Makayla Handy
Makayla Handy
hey how r u? guess wat my 1 of my mollers is loose and about 2 come out. p.s.u rock and i like the song you have on your mypraize song it rocks. bye bye
Makayla Handy
HEY wats up nick? wat r u doing now that school is out?...
Makayla Handy
i love Jesus

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