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Carly Allen
Me and Forest Gump
Carly Allen
It's a bean....in Chicago
Carly Allen
My dad...yea...
Carly Allen
Savannah, me, and Leigha at NKU playing a tournome
Carly Allen
Me at a Hawian Dance
Carly Allen
Me taking a pic of me^^
Carly Allen
Jenna Holland
love ya carly!!!! ur awsome!!!!!! cousinly love! ts from a campin trip in like 2006!! its crazy! and i have one from easter haha!
Jenna Holland
hey wats up cuz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well luv yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Carly Allen
life sucks then you die, yea i should be so lucky -Jacob Black
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I should lol
Carly Allen
lol no my pic was when Allison and Leah attached me before Abbie party, lol
Carly Allen
I know the video is kinda of...bad, but you should read the lyrics, they can move you!
Carly Allen
lol i love you and your tiny memory
Carly Allen
No the pic isnt in Chicago, I still had my hair lol its in the mall when i first got my phone

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