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savannah F
brianna brohel
how old r u
Tori Stiefel
Man, we\'re all gonna miss you!
Keirsten Heath
ahhhhhhhh i miss u soooooooo much!!! i cant believe ur not coming back to curtis next year!!! :( :( :(
Tori Stiefel
I like your video.
Keirsten Heath
omg i think nik knows!!!! but i told moe moe to call him and tell him some stuff i wanted him to know!! ooohhh im so scared!!
Keirsten Heath
PEACE OUT! ~~keirsten anne~~
Moesha Kendrick
savannahh me on nw 2 woooowwwwww :P
savannah F
MORE ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Moesha Kendrick
yes i was but not now anymore
savannah F
i love u girl! ur soo funny and i love ur personality!
savannah F
ya its that one. i like ur picture!
Keirsten Heath
lol!! nice vidio!!lol!! isnt that one where ur like upside down and stuff!!??
Chelsie Boyd
Welcome to myPraize!! Thanks for stopping by and for the friend request. Keep on doing what you do for Jesus and always remember that everyone can reach someone for Jesus and you are never too old or young to do something for God.

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