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Madison Martin
geneve (genna) Settle
u know, i don\'t even know what i mean!............................well i just got back from camping, then imma go to the beach and a wedding thats about it. nothing really. u?
Madison Martin
Lucky! I rly wanted to go to the beach this summer, but we won\'t get to this time. I\'m just trying to earn an extra buck here and there, chillin and trying to enjoy my last cpl weeks of summer.
Madison Martin
Ik wat u mean! So how r u spending the last few precious/boring days of summer! (:P)
geneve (genna) Settle
haha lol. i\'m a lil exited for it but at he same time i am not. i luv the boring summer!!
Sarah Brand
Ya summer was fun but school will start soon
Sarah Brand
good u
geneve (genna) Settle
haha lucky. idk when school starts, hopefully not for awhile.
Madison Martin
I\'m good ty, enjoying ur summer?
Madison Martin
Ik! My Mom has been saying stuff about school being closer then we think and fall being just around the corner. I\'m like \'don\'t remind me! This is one of those rare times when ignorance rly is bliss!.
geneve (genna) Settle
HEY!!! hows ur summer going!!!
geneve (genna) Settle
mines going good, it\'s just REALLY REALLY HOT!! when does ur end?
Madison Martin
Hello, how r u? :)
Madison Martin
it\'s going very well ty! i wish it didn\'t hav 2 hav 2 end! how\'s ur summer going? XD
Madison Martin
sry it\'s so hot, it rly doesn\'t get 2 bad where i live. um, idk when my summer ends, the second week of august of something like that.

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