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Matthew Pieper
Matthew Pieper
My kittens, 6 days old
Miss you so much Matthew! Looking forward to seeing you again!
Jessy Freeland
Hey bro, just wanted to say I miss you a lot. You were a great and funny guy to talk too and I truly appreciated everything you did when my laptop started going insane. You were an amazing guy, Matthew. Again, I think about you a lot and miss you everyday.
Ellen Pavlacka
Hey, so I was listening to Dave Matthews the other day, and LeRoi was ripping it up on sax. It made me think about the day he died and we were sad together. Thanks for being sad with me, but I\'m glad you get to listen to him make music again. I bet he\'s way sick nastier than he was here. Miss ya.
Nathan Lunsford
I was reading some old threads and came across a bunch of your posts. Just wanted to say that you were a top notch guy and I miss you, man. Fliggage to one of the funniest, kindest people I knew.
Kayla Unicorn
We miss you, Matthew. Thank you for everything you\'ve done to help us all. And like Scott said, prepare us a MP community in Heaven!
Ami ....
Shalom, we love you, and goodbye.
Caleb woohoo!
Thanks for all you\'ve done, Matt! We love you!
Anna Holden
Hey! I know we haven\'t talked in forever, and for that I apologize. I\'m praying for you, brother. We should have a phone convo when you\'re back :-)
Sara Spencer
You come back, ok? We still need you here. Get better, you have work to do! Seriously though. We all love you.
sarah glaesner
actually we dont need to stop, he is only giving his freedom of speach, so if u say he should go to prison then u say that everyone that gives speach should to!!! Keep listening to rush limbaugh and glenn beck
mandi hamilton
who r u?
Ruth kirkpatrick
hey its been a long time - hi!
Geoff Shriver
Hey Matt what\'s up? long time no talk. how\'ve you been?

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