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rockel! acosta
dav and me
rockel! acosta
brenda escobar
im glad ur okay. cant wait til ya visit! wink wink jk
rockel! acosta
i have been gud... i miss u guys soooo much!!!!!
brenda escobar
hiiii. i miss you how have you been at texas????
kimberly castillo
hey gurl member i stiil love u 4 lf!n always i have ur bck 4 anythin ill take u no wat only 4 u!b cuzz i lov3 4 lf!MEMBER I STILL LOV3 4 LF!I LOV3 U!
brenda escobar
kimberly castillo
hey gurl wat up!lov u lotz!take care n stay kool 4 life!lovs u!
brenda escobar
no duh u berly found dat out.....
brenda escobar
me 2 do ya like my pic... [:
brenda escobar
dang thats a koo pic isnt dat 4m myspace??? anywho luv ur backround!!!! luvs!!!!!
brenda escobar
no not yet im gettin it on the 11th of october 4 sho... peace out my homie!!!!
brenda escobar
hey girl wats up??? i havent cn u in 4ever litterally.....
brenda escobar
hey dude how ya been?!?!
khadijah Imes
i love your video

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