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Rachel Cote
my bro...it's not the best picutre but thats him..
Rachel Cote
ME! on my hrose Writer!! CHAMPIONS!
Rachel Cote
EOMER IS SOO HOT!! I just had to put this here
Rachel Cote
my hero...who is soooo adorrible...she's the Queen
Rachel Cote
my Mocha Lata my Monopoly buddy LOVE HER!
Rachel Cote
my horse instructor!!!!!!! awesome person!!
Rachel Cote
a minature horse that I want!!!!!!!
Rachel Cote
a snowman before halloween...in Oct. 2006
Rachel Cote
my sissy!!!!
Rachel Cote
my bro's girl friend
Rachel Cote
Hayden Tubbs
hey, fellow ebayer here...and yeah, I didn\'t care for the Eragon movie either...it was kind of cheesy in my opinion...they spent all the money on the special affects and didn\'t have enough left over for the script and the actors...=P
Rachel Cote
anyone here like the new Eragon movie, which doesn\'t go by the book! I am soo mad about that!!!!
Rachel Cote
sorry, I have been stuck in school stuff lately...but...yeah life is going GREAT for me! You?
ginny tittle
hey! nice 2 c u on again!! what\'s new? :D :D

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