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Storm Whitaker
Leah Amick
lolz. nm just catching up on some Lost! im addicted to it
Storm Whitaker
Thanks! :) hey leah! haha i\'m not really doing anything. haha you?
Leah Amick
nice to meet you Storm(: thats a super cool name btw! and i\'m Leah. so how are you?
Johanna Silverman
welcome (:
Storm Whitaker
sure(: I\'m Storm by the way
Leah Amick
hey thanks for tha add :D
Storm Whitaker
Thanks! :]
Johanna Silverman
haha sounds awesome x3 lolz im jojo :D i love your name!
Storm Whitaker
nice to meet you blakelynne(: thats a really cool name by the way! haha I\'m doing good. and you? haha oh and i loveeee your background! it makes me happy. lol :]
blakelynne mess
heheehe(: nice to meet yuu storm! im blakelynne! (: so, how are youu?
Storm Whitaker
I\'m Storm by the way(: And yes, Paramore is the best! hahahaha
blakelynne mess
nice to meet chuu! i see we will get along cause PARAMORE is the best! hahaha lol
Storm Whitaker
haha. I haven\'t been doing much lately. just school, listening to music, taking pictures. stuff like that. lol i\'m Storm by the way :]
Storm Whitaker

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