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Sarah Messarge
Looking back on this, it feels weird.
Sarah Messarge
Back in the day, when what I did was for you.
Sarah Messarge
I'm 15 for a moment, caught in between 10 and 20.
Sarah Messarge
The girl I was, shaped the woman I am.
Sarah Messarge
The days when things were simple.
Sarah Messarge
Kelly Gibbs
hey. so, i have no life. why, you ask? well, i\'m sitting in my COLLEGE dorm room, creeping around on mypraize. *cringes because 13 year old me actually thought this was cool* ANYWAYS, it\'ll probably be like 2035 before you see this, but just know that I LOVE YOU LIKE A TON. that\'s all.
Sarah Messarge
Sooo. You haven\'t had a comment in awhile.. I thought I\'d leave you one. ;D (Even though, I have no clue when you\'ll see this.. :P) Oh by the way, I adore your song. (;
Emma Lastname.
Helllo(:, Thank you so very much for accepting ^.^
Kelly Gibbs
yay for random comments!! :D lol
Sarah Messarge
Random lyrics stuck in my head...x]
Sarah Messarge
Hey(: Thanks for the friend request! ^-^
Kayla Tribble
i love pride and prejudus not u
Kayla Tribble
delete what i said i didnt mean it i miss read it
Sarah Messarge
Haha thankss! :) I love it too!! :DD its amazinggg!

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