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moriah amaro
Oh Yea, im represent'n.
moriah amaro
a perfect beach sunset
moriah amaro
i have no idea what she was doing.(shes my bff)
moriah amaro
Me, being bored... with my awsome converse.
moriah amaro
moriah amaro
cross and clouds
moriah amaro
Amazing. i was REALLY bored.
moriah amaro
this pic turned out better than i planed.:)
moriah amaro
brianna McClave
hey hey. havent seen or talked 2 u in 4eva! how ya been? omg guess what!?!?! i m on the worship team @ the edge and so that means im deffinatly doing fine arts nxt year like i promised u! lol im coming 2 michigan in the summer so we TOTALLY have 2 c each other! write on my wall! bye!
moriah amaro
Alyssa McClave
hey love ure pic!
brianna McClave
hey mo! omg u have 2 check out alyssas video! it matches ur pic puuurfectlee!!!! haha!
moriah amaro
Haha. your song does go with my profile pic! thats funny. ^__^
moriah amaro
you and your girlfriend look cute together.

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