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morgan krats
morgan krats
i donttttt knowww.
amanda amazing
why is there no van ready!
morgan krats
ask zach hes got all the plans. hhaha. lulu is coming too.(:
Angela Lamb
If you don\'t like it tell me what else I can find for you... I didn\'t really know what you\'d like. So yeahh.
Angela Lamb
give me ya info.
Angela Lamb
I don\'t really know how to explain how to do it. But I\'ll show you where I get the backgrounds. http://myspacelyts.net/myspace/layouts/search.php?search=
morgan krats
the first one that isnt flashing.
morgan krats
iightt suckka thanks its coool. how did you make it.?
morgan krats
iightt suckaa ill send it in a message or just text it.(:
morgan krats
tell me where you got it and ill pick out what i like.
morgan krats
alrighty i looked and i want the pokadotted one on this page http://myspacelyts.net/myspace/layouts/search.php?search=
morgan krats
yes yes yes yes youu shouldddd.
morgan krats
woohooo caribou huntinn, hah and ill have to check on the hippie van im not sure about that yet.
amanda amazing
i knowww i cant wait to live in an igloo and hunt for my food! do you have the hippie van ready?

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