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Noah McCullough
Noah McCullough
since when have you been an nba fan? you didnt even know what team michael jordan had played for! lol nice try though.....
Noah McCullough
it is! haha
Noah McCullough
lol! thats a funny video
Noah McCullough
Allie why are you joined in a group thats named: \"if ur a BOY ages 12-15 you should join this group!!\"???
Noah McCullough
Timothy doyle! How am I not in our top buddies list? Im crying man! lol jk
Noah McCullough
If only I could pull of half the moves those dudes in the vid do. lol
Noah McCullough
that video is FUNNY!!! lol
Noah McCullough
ya sry jordan, but marching band is gonna be the bomb. javascript:emoticon(\':D\')
Noah McCullough
Ya all allie said was right, and I know Zara didn\'t make it.
Noah McCullough
o ya!
Noah McCullough
Noah McCullough
um, ya if there was any reward for not laughing or smiling than I won it. but on the bright side, my little bro loves that video.
Noah McCullough
Jordan, charlie Brown and snoopy and woodstock and all of the peanuts are AMAZING!!!!!
Noah McCullough
sorry jordan but Taylor swift music is impossible to listen to without laughing. lol jk

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