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Ben Lee
God was showing off when he made you.
allison jolley
allison jolley
Haayyy! :D
allison jolley
Hey! nothing really going on here, you? :lol:
allison jolley
You looked gorgeous last night! Happy Birthday! (:
allison jolley
how\'d your cell outfit go? :D
allison jolley
You were the one dissing South Aiken! I love [b]STRAWBERRY[/b] uncrustables! So there! :lol:
allison jolley
Meanie. :x
allison jolley
Hey you know that guy that sits by you at church and asked for your number? Does he go to SAHS? or AHS?
allison jolley
Okay I thought so, he is in my physical science class lol I saw him and I was like whoa I know him! lol so yeah... It was so much fun! lol I love high school! :lol: how was your day?
Ben Lee
After i took a shower this morning and did my hiar like i wanted to i found out it didnt look bad. i like it now. I juat hope u do. :wink:
Ben Lee
Im really sry i havnt called lately. ive been really stressed out this week. I hope ur not mad. Im getting a hair cut tomorrow but ill try to call later.I have a skit for Kidz Worship on Sunday so i might not see u. I hope i do though. :wink:
Ben Lee
i changed my top eight 4 u :wink:
Ben Lee
I love ur new picture. Its reall :wink: y cute.
Ben Lee
hey i tried to call u today but no one would pick up. ill try agian later. :)

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