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michael asbury
Audrey Nichols
are you excited about college? it\'s such a great time, truly. you will make your life long friends there! how is life? keep me posted please, i\'ll pray for your strength while you\'re in school
Rachael Something=]
[b] I have been ok.. Just really stressed with school and everything :) [/b]
Rachael Something=]
Hey!! How are you!! Havent talked to ya in FOREVER!!
michael asbury
hey buddy :) im doing better so was up
Melissa Lauren
awwwwww well im so glad for you I\'m still praying for you buddy! im doing wonderful happy and just AH happy! lol how are you today?
michael asbury
im happy again
Melissa Lauren
hey there and awesome well me just busy busy in school loland aw dude im so srry u feel that way I read ur blog just dont give up ok? I felt like that before I will pray for u dude =]
michael asbury
hey buddy not much is up wat about u :)
michael asbury
hey buddy im going to college to be a weilder:)
Melissa Lauren
hey wats up? =]
Audrey Nichols
i miss college....what are you going for?
michael asbury
hey not much is new besides college
Audrey Nichols
how are things going for you?
michael asbury
hey thanks for the invite

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