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nickie fernandez
clay verbeck
ok good
nickie fernandez
hi call me magreger k couse
nickie fernandez
i do not like the joe brosjavascript:emoticon(\':roll:\')
nickie fernandez
hi javascript:emoticon(\'8)\')
clay verbeck
is ur cousin that beautifulgirl94 person??????
clay verbeck
i did not steal ur friend idk what i did I GOT 2 WIIS FOR CHRISTMAS tell ur dad u guys need to be back before new years so u can come over before school
clay verbeck
i changed my state back to oregon :(
nickie fernandez
check my awsome new video
nickie fernandez
my friend my buddy clay7 needs friends so can u add him ....he is my friend at school ...i tolled u that so u would know it was safe:]
nickie fernandez
what is allies user name
nickie fernandez
is she if u find out what it is tell me
nickie fernandez
help me
Dylan McSheffrey
Hi Nickie.
Dylan McSheffrey
I think Allie is on here, somewhere too.

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