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niko kosberg
niko kosberg
Back Up Foo
niko kosberg
karynne carmello
lol. hi im in computer class and i ahvnt been on mypraize in EVER :shock:
Jerzi N
why thank you.. sooo u live in florida? what part? i\'m down south.... 8)
Jessica :]
oh that sucks, i\'m really tired eh. :]
Jennifer L
HAHA well paramore isnt my favorite for that reason. I like their music. Her hair is MINT. Id love her hair to be on my head haha. :] looks bit hard to style it that way though. I love your background. I used to have it as mine on myspace. :D
niko kosberg
:D thanks. you have siick hair also. 8)
niko kosberg
haha wow. i\'m bored to.. and my favorite band.. i dont know.. prolly Paramore because Hayley is freaking fine. :wink:
Jerzi N
hey, i\'m jerzi..i found you on my friends page and i just wanted to say that i had ur backround on my myspace once...8) uhmm yeah..AND..you have frickin\' sick hair..i love it! :D 8)
Jessica :]
Hi Niko how\'re you?
Jennifer L
haha iget that alot. :] i dont really have a cat named charles. shame really... I have one named tabatha. thats not exciting though:O hmm what you up to?? EXCITEMENT? im well bored. blah its silly to be honest. whats your favorite band? 8)
niko kosberg
cool mines niko :D
niko kosberg
i\'m good. and your cat has a cool name. :shock:
niko kosberg
:D yay!

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