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paige smith
my bros friend
paige smith
hey sexy boy GOOD NIGHT LOVE U
kyle cutlip
call u at like 3:20
paige smith
hey call me at 5:oo
kyle cutlip
ey i dint call u yesterday cuz i was at the world series. i got a whole bunch of pics on my myspace of it. ill try to call u today, im goin to orlando
paige smith
ok baby
paige smith
hey what up
paige smith
hey baby call me
paige smith
iam sorry for not answering the phone yesterday i wasnt home all dat the only time i was home was at 8:45pm but today iam going to be home all day iam not going anywhere u can call me any time today ok baby GOOD MORNING I LOVE U CALL ME
paige smith
hey what happen to u lastnight talk to u later
paige smith
hey babyboy
kyle cutlip
ey, ima not gonna be able to call u till late, im goin ridin with brian to the club. o i changed my pass cuz my computer was bein stupid
paige smith
hey what up sexy
paige smith
ok so i will talk to u later ok have fun and another thing thressa said that she was sorry yo us so yea so when u call me i\'ll tell u what she said ok
paige smith
u can if u want

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