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matt williams
me:hmm you want people to start posting comments on your page *tries to think of something witty* Chris Farely: Keep thinking kid because you\'re gonna have lots of time to think about it WHEN YOU\'RE LIVIN IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! me: *ruuns of crying* I want my barbie doll! Mr. T: *slaps me* I pitty you fool me: *crys harder*
matt williams
Hi Erica told me to tell you she misses you and she wants to know how you\'re doing.
kortnee cantrell
Jesse Ledbetter
hey 8) :wink:
kortnee cantrell
hey thanx 4 adding me but yeah im kory and well ill talk 2 u l8r!! kor
Jesse Ledbetter
well hey i'm doing good how about you? 8) :wink:
kortnee cantrell
omg i luv ppl who wear tight pants and i wear them 2!!! yay!!!! :D
kortnee cantrell
hey....thenx 4 addin me wll ill ttyl!! :wink:
kortnee cantrell
its pretty good im luvin it pretty much but yeah ive been rilly buisy the past couple weeks!!! but yeah ill ttyl! kor
kortnee cantrell
mmm hi thnx 4 requesting me as a friend that was nice.....lol! but yerah ill ttyl
kortnee cantrell
YO wuts crakalakin?
kortnee cantrell
HI!!!! :D
kortnee cantrell
hey wuts up? :D
kortnee cantrell
u guys r killer awesome!!!! :D
matt williams
Heya :D wasup? your prfiles's lookin great 8)

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