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Patty Lankford
samantha me and the dog corky
Patty Lankford
hayley ratliff
love the picture
Jennafer Forrester
awwww ur pic is sooo cute!
shannon patrick
aww.... your page is soo cute!
jodi smith
i luv ur picture!!!!!! eeyore rox my sox!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Patty Lankford
Yeah mom i\'m so proud! Good job .. with the picture! Im so glad ya got some friends on here, YEAH, soo im hungry and its lunchtime so i think i might wanna get offline and eat, we got pizza today!! soo bye mommie love you
Patty Lankford
i no im not supposed to be online. but...i thought i\'d say hi. since mr.crowe gave me the com. in rise. i wanted to see how u were at work. but i dont no when you are gonna get this,rise is horrible. loud, we have a sub, so everyone is talkn and stuff. soo...i need to go to the library im out of books. but to bad i shoudnt read so fast, got to go by
Patty Lankford
how sad can this get?
Patty Lankford
so mom how are you? good i hope...im in agriculture waiting for mrs.dorrier to get weveryone quite so i thought i\'d talk to you.....well sorry if im not doing my best in school but i really am trying to. and yall should jus realize im not like samantha and johnny im not that smart! but whatever. i got a big cut on my wrist from this morning. it hurt :cry: :D
Patty Lankford
oh my! you call dicky the dickanator....thats wow, lol....well i g2g2, bye :wink:
Patty Lankford
hey emily! whats poppn\'? lol...man mommie is maken me go to the whole bridel shower for megan and adam, are you going? and imma be there with my new blue hair..its awsome!! lol. well got to run, see at school, and i got another book i think you\'ll like i bring that and your book on monday or sunday :shock: bye :wink: :wink:
Patty Lankford
hi mom how are you. im good. so you need to go to those groups your in and start requesting people to be your friends, come on its fun you meet people from all over the US....and stephanie is on here so is emily spivey add them they are on my profile. got to go bye LOVE YA :wink: :lol: :shock: 8) :!:
Janelle Frazier
Yeah i kno...oh well lol like ur pic toodles :D :D
Patty Lankford
8 ways ppl get good luck around the world

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