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Emmy ****
Annie, Rin and I!!!
Emmy ****
willow joanna
hello! how are you? :) :D
Laura Janosko
hey!!!...my exams have been great actually and im going to finish with a 3.9 so im pretty happy about that!...haha yeah i just started to apply myself this year i know how that goes!.....thats awesome your reading it every night its really refreshing (spiritually)...its just one of those things that you have to get used to and then its routine......
Laura Janosko
im on like book five of psalms...i love them!....but yeah have fun doing your homework...im really happy cause i have 2 exams left and we have friday off!...but yeah last night i went to see mandee play at one of her games...she was a beast!...but yeah ill talk to you later!
Emmy ****
Wassup??? We need to talk...did you get my schedule for today?!?!? haha...have you set up the treadmill? Well i\'ll ttyl luv you muchos!!!
Emmy ****
How\'re exams??? Man school is just starting to get crazy...but that\'s only because I\'m just starting to actually really apply myself like I should:) I have some cathing up to do so either i\'ll work a whole bunch or go through the summer..i\'m not sure what i\'ll do..it kind of depends on my mood...lol...How\'s reading your Bible going? I had been doing
Emmy ****
it every night..but this last wekk i kind of forgot about it..which reminds me that i was supposed to do all this homework before my Bible study tonight..umm so i gotta go do that cuz we leave like in the next few hours..ahhh....i\'m sooo forgetfull!!!
Laura Janosko
hahah...i was thinking maybe ask on of the people why they have a limit and then you know ask very politely if they could prohibit max characters!...that was my plan but the spamming might work too :) ...i just finished one review packet for chemistry and i started at like 8....this jank is cray!...well have fun at church!...talk to ya laterzzzz
Emmy ****
We should deff protest these max letters...but just how would we do that? We could spam everyone mypraize adn be \"are you tired of having to stop in the middle of a story\"...and so on and so forth...lol...yuck have fun with those tests...i\'ll be praying for ya!!!! i have to go cuz we\'re on our way to church and everyone at teh door waiting for me...
Emmy ****
...i\'m such a slow poke...as is this computer...lol... :shock: luv ya gal...muah!!!
Laura Janosko
I LOVE MY JESUS!!...haha i miss camp so much!...but yeah how are you doing...okay so me and ann are going to protest this max. letters thing...are you in?... :D ...well i hope your doing well...and stay warm!..im about to go study!...we have exams next week :( so everybody knows where ill be!...talk to ya soon! Praise Jesus!!
Julia Williams
hey Emmy!! AHH IM SERIOUS!! :D
Annie *****
you ~make~ all !my! dreams come *true*
Emmy ****
Hey julia!!

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