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chase johnson
D: oh my gosh im finally back after a year!! haha do you even remember me? do you even get on anymore
Angel Bosley
....happy birthday yo......
Zac Sauser
wuts yp
Zac Sauser
Zac Sauser
hey havent talked to u in forever
Angel Bosley
i don't care if ya fill this outt err not :p
Angel Bosley
haha like i said.. of course i remember. i don\'t think im gonna forget you haha
Angel Bosley
well i think its better if you just add me, because i can\'t find which ones you. im under angel bosley
brandon mugrage
sweet. do you remember my name its brandon mugrage... if you dont
Angel Bosley
ah, yeah i remember. how could i forget you! yeah, i do have a facebook
brandon mugrage
Wow..ha i havnt talked to you in a while.. you probably dont remember who i am... but im not on anymore and.. do you have a facebook anyways message me back..
Angel Bosley
i love your backkground(:
Angel Bosley
your welcome(:
Jeremy Anderson
Angel Bosley
HEY! i know you wrote that blog a looong time ago, but i think its really cool. i actually just became a vegetarian like last month and its really cool.and as for being a veterinarian, that\'s what i want to be too. its finally nice to meet a guy with the same animal feelings and what not.

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