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Steven Sharpe
Steven Sharpe
Steven Sharpe
Michelle Robertson
Oh ok! I was like.. \'Why isn\'t he talkin?\' But yay! Wb! Nm is going on over here. We had to quit karate, but thats it. Besides that everythings GREAT! Wha about you? Whatz new?
Steven Sharpe
Hey! I haven\'t been on here in literally forever and your comment was the most recent on my page soooo I said \"Hmm...let me shoot her a line or two\" lol So what\'s up? How\'s it been? :D
Michelle Robertson
Hey! I haven\'t talked to you in a LOONGG time, whatz up?
Michelle Robertson
:lol: I think his name is chrisrob, hes on my buddy, just look for him hehe! THATS GREAT! AHH! My g-ma lives in Flordia! I went there once, IT WAS AWSOME! Tell me how it goes! Um... nothing! Seriously! Hehe! Just hang out with my friends. Thats pretty much it 8) BUT TELL ME HOW IT GOES IN FLORIDA! :D
Steven Sharpe
cool! i know i don\'t know your brother but tell him happy birthday! haha so yeah, I\'m doing great! i have one more week before i go to florida with my youth group for camp. It\'s gonna be freakin awesome! haha! So whatcha up to and what do you plan to do this summer?
Steven Sharpe
hey! I had a great 4th actually! We went to see the new transformers movie (btw if you haven\'t seen it, you should sign off and go see it now! lol!) and then we saw the fireworks which were awesome. So how was you\'re 4th of July?
Michelle Robertson
Thats GREAT! :lol: Yeah, I\'m planning on seeing it... some day. Fireworks are fun. Mine was fun. It was my lil brothers b-day, he turned 11! YAY! We went to Chucky Cheese, came home, and did fireworks with the neighbors... FUN! So how are you?
Michelle Robertson
HEY! Hope you had a GREAT 4th! What\'d you do for it?
Adriana White
Hey MY BUDDY! Whats up! I just thought Id drop you a hello! so goodbye!
Michelle Robertson
Hey! Tkx for the add! :D
Alyssa Rose
BAH hahhahaahha HI steve!!! and um mmm i will be on aim in like lets seee 5 minutes!!!
Alyssa Rose
thats A OK!!

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