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MyPraize Band
RD on Old Bridge
MyPraize Band
RD- D.O.T in Green
MyPraize Band
RD Baby!!!!
MyPraize Band
Lyndsey Parker
Yea i guess... but it was positive
Lyndsey Parker
o not much bout to go be tested for mono
MyPraize Band
mono? aren\'t you a little young to be getting mono? lol have a good week! RD
MyPraize Band
Not much, whats going on with you?
Lyndsey Parker
Hey you guys!!!!!!! Whats up?
MyPraize Band
Hey there! Thanks for the friend request! Hope you enjoy the tunes! You can also check us out @ www.myspace.com/resurrectiondayband Check it out! Tell your friends!!!!!! RD
MyPraize Band
Hey there, and thanks for the friend add! Hope you enjoy the music and tell your friends to come check us out! We are also on www.myspace.com/resurrectiondayband check it out!
Chelsie Boyd
Thanks for stopping by and for the friend request. Keep on doing what you do for Jesus and always remember that everyone can reach someone for Jesus and you are never too old or young to do something for God.
Chelsie Boyd
Welcome to myPraize!! Keep on doing what you do for Jesus.
MyPraize Band
I love your song but the vocals need to be more up front...

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