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marriah galloway
marriah galloway
Connor Fogiel
love your pic and song!
justin odman
wats been hapnen lately?
Josh Enos
haha thanx i felt so dumb lolz
justin odman
any way i might be goin to silverwood wich is pretty awsome but other than that yakima is pretty hot and boring
justin odman
georgia seems to be a pretty popular state on myprz i know like six pple from there
Josh Enos
hey u changed ur pic nice
Josh Enos
ok nvm that last comment it was the wrong person haha
marriah galloway
n/m its La Center wut could be happening here lol. but i hang out other places with my friends. so just like chillin\' going to Georgia i guess wut bout u?
justin odman
wats goin on in ur side of wa?.
Connor Fogiel
oh you know-saving the world and all...you?
Connor Fogiel
siked? I\'m already livin it up. I\'m always somewhere on the weekends in summer comin home at 2am if coming home at all...spent a whole weekend jumping amusement parks and beaches and I\'m ready for this weekend!
marriah galloway
i can only imagine lol haha are u siked about summer as much as i am?
marriah galloway
pretty good. just chillin\' u?

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