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jacqui huester
jacqui huester
jacqui huester
Michelle Robertson
haha daang!!! It\'s been forever. Do you have a facebook? We could keep in touch easier :P
jacqui huester
hey its been forever since i talked to you or anyone on this site D:
Michelle Robertson
XD but I\'m sure you are ^_^
jacqui huester
aww don\'t make me blush
Michelle Robertson
Lol I\'m sure you\'re good :D
keaton romanaz
Thats not what Steph said.. and she keeps getting mad at me.. will you please tell her to stop? thanks. and you didn\'t have to keep that pic.. it was up to you... not me..
jacqui huester
i love you lets talk
jacqui huester
yeah steph did tell ya but now i\'m back i miss you and btw i love you still OMG I LOVE YOU
jacqui huester
btw you know i could of got rid of that pic you made me but i kept it becuz i love you and i\'m lonely :(
keaton romanaz
Hey... uhhh.. Steph yelled at me to talk to you.. so.. yeah.. message me sometime.. bye.
jacqui huester
yes i draw and i\'m not very good at all
jacqui huester
keaton i was in place ment for a year but now i\'m and your\'s

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