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shauna peterson
shauna peterson
hey girl i miss u i wont get to see u 4evr well its awesome here and hot
jamie yorker
hey how are you ??? we have to hang out some time bye
Becca Givens
Shauna! i just left u a comment on my dads thing. see ya 2marow! :D
David Givens
Hey SAP! hows it goin? i gotta go 2 bed cuz it is 9:00 :cry:
jamie yorker
shauna peterson
u rock my socks :lol:
Amanda Gulso
Hey :D :roll: 8)
shauna peterson
ya we should that would be totally awesome so when is ur guys es spring break mine is now so maby soon
shauna peterson
u rock my sox off :D :) :shock: :lol: 8) :wink: :!:
jamie yorker
hi i am board and i am wanting to see you because i haven\'t seen YOU in along time so that is a good reason well maybe you (and YOUR COUSINS) can come over some time
jamie yorker
how come you aren\'t on our friends ??? you should be i asked you to be one of our friends!!!
jamie yorker
this is a cool music video i like !!!! so you are one of our freinds i think.
Becca Givens
Hey girl. wuz up :?: ur party wuz fun :!: lol :)
David Givens
HI! 12 days! until ur b-day!!!!!!! :D :) :shock: 8) :roll: :wink: :!: :!: Big 13!

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