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Sarah Sanchez
erin !
oh wow that would be fun! I GOT A CLSS NITE DRESS! and shoes! ill take a pic and put it on my page! then you can tell me how much you love it! lol the keys eh? that would be fun! i would love to go! but it depends on the scheduale!
Sarah Sanchez
OKAY. once i know more about it i'm going to make 3 schedules. one for you one for martha and one foor mee. aah i really want you to go it'll be soo much fun. i think im going to 30th.are you busy that week? idk =]]
Sarah Sanchez
ooh. well you can make it up by coming to the keys w/ me this summer. would you wanna do that? we'd stay at my crzzy aunts house. supper fun. do you think your parents would lett. you. im excited i hope you can come. i hope you want to come =]]
erin !
uh? well im sorry your sick! i hope you feel better ! about class night i think im going to a party at ashleys soo yah sorry!
Sarah Sanchez
i don't thinkwe're going to be able to do anything this weekend b/c im really sick and tom. is mother's day. maybe you could sleep over after class night or something idk we have to do something next weekend =]]
erin !
yay!!! okayy well idk what im doing this wekkend i might go get a class night dress with my mother! but if a can do anything i shall call you!! okayy well i have a history test to study for but i just wnated to say hello abd I LOVE YOU LIKE A FAT KID LOVES CAKE!!!
Sarah Sanchez
wow. okay i just got your comment today uhm. may 10th. and you sent it at like the end of april. haha. anyway yah we haven't tlked on here in a while. uhm. we shuld hang out this weekend or something =]]
erin !
SARAH!!!!!!! omgosh we havnt talked on here in SOOOOOOOO long! i miss you!! well im glad im still in your pics so you dont forget what i look like! okay so we deff. have to hang out again!! i LOVE you!!
Sarah Sanchez
hi. =]]
Sarah Sanchez
Andrew Angione
mine too i lost 6 buds and i dont remember there screen names :x
Andrew Angione
thats alright its not ur prob to worry about :) but thanx alot for caring :D
natasha ******
i did not know u were dani's bff.... i go to school with her :shock: :)
Sarah Sanchez
a couple days ago my backround was different colors but then it went back to normal but i don't think i lost any friends or anything.im mad/sad =[[

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