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Savannah Floyd
Nick J singin A Little Bit Longer at the concert
Savannah Floyd
frm lft 2 rght jessie mady me
Savannah Floyd
Savannah Floyd
lol i guess so
Coker Edge
well missin school aint such a too bad thing DUHHHH!!! =]
Savannah Floyd
lol hey coker theres not much with me my mom is outta town right now so im here with my brother and im like really bored. the nurse told me i had pink eye friday and i went home and i took out my contacts and it stopped hurting so i missed a day of school for nothing :(
Savannah Floyd
oh my gosh u never get on anymore :(
Coker Edge
wat u up too \"doing\" LOL my tiger chat buddy LOL again (:
Savannah Floyd
Hey Dalton this is Savannah. my old profile was db42k. I just wanna let u kno i saw u at all county chorus auditions nd in the practice room u did rlly good :P
Savannah Floyd
Hey katherine can u put this profile on ur top instead of db42k-2 cause this is my main profile now...ily girly i\'ll see you tomorrow and at my party in 6 days ily!!!!
Savannah Floyd
Hey MKC wassup i cant wait for my party can you???

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