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Shannen Lajoie
Shannen Lajoie
Jesse McGlaughlin
lick my sack
Shannen Lajoie
HEY! Im Shannen! Whats up?
Shannen Lajoie
All i have to say to the people that know and hate me is....get off my page....i dont search on yours so get off mine. thanks!:)
Shannen Lajoie
Hey thank you for taking the time to right that comment on my page. You are very talented and I can tell you are a true child of God. I wish you a blessed day. -Shannen
Shannen Lajoie
read my message i sent you...reply too
Shannen Lajoie
Hey im not on your top! :l your mean lol hey but you should get on when im on! like for real
Shannen Lajoie
you should get on more lol you havent got on since like 1999
Shannen Lajoie
hey i am so bored!
Shannen Lajoie
hey what are you up too
Shannen Lajoie
cool cool so whats up with u i mean come on there is like a lot to do in life what are you doing in yours right now
Shannen Lajoie
do you have a cell phone
Shannen Lajoie
no its cool i have a lot on my mind too
Shannen Lajoie
chello were did you go

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