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makenzie west
my bestest friend Taylor
makenzie west
Me and My Dog Crystal
makenzie west
Zachary Smith
You make me smile :) :) listen 2 it :)
makenzie west
oohh lol thanks!!! and thats really nice! and r u asking me what i named my dog?
makenzie west
hey! and yeah! we will have fun!!! and lol which one? and thanks!! :) and u did??? really?? oh my gosh!!! lol
Zachary Smith
:) thanks. i herd u got killed by katie HHAHAHAHA :) btw i like that song allot 2
makenzie west
wow. it looks really nice. Good job!! :)
Zachary Smith
yea i made it and it flots!! works great!
makenzie west
lol im comin tomorrow!!! lol and thats really kool! the boat.... y r u buildin it?
Zachary Smith
check out the myspace page or dicide to come to tennis couse i want to show u the boat i made
makenzie west
lol haha yeah! thats what everyone says! lol :)
makenzie west
heavenly paws groomers! downtown lincolnton! lol im always the one that is completely soaked! lol
Zachary Smith
ok cool not suprising lol
makenzie west
lol yup a job! and im a official dog bather! lol i work at a dog grooming place! :)

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