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sheldin McAngus
my mustang up against my dads.
sheldin McAngus
my 2nd new truck
sheldin McAngus
white castles.
sheldin McAngus
my 1st new truck
sheldin McAngus
me and the wife.
sheldin McAngus
having fun at the family reunion
sheldin McAngus
my car in the future
sheldin McAngus
sheldin McAngus
number three the best
Ariel Chhhhhhhhh.
Whoa! That\'s insane, I was thinking about you in Church today! Holy moly, lol, that\'s crazy. Well it\'s really good to hear from you bro! :) Everything\'s going alright over here, how \'bout over there? Well it was really good ta hear from you. :D Talk to you later, Kiddo! -Ariel :D
sheldin McAngus
was up lil sis aint seen u on in a while jus wonderin how things r goin
sheldin McAngus
hey havent been on in a while just wanted to see how things are goin
sheldin McAngus
i have to say ur music is very good man it rocks if u sell cds let me know i will buy one
jennifer lola
Hey there u wanna be buddy\'s?i would like to:) ~Jennifer~
sheldin McAngus
i wonder y no one likes me any more

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