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Kelly Hodge
TWINS racing to the top
Kelly Hodge
Me and Amber
Kelly Hodge
Kelly Hodge
Hey yo SORRY I DIDNT CALL YOU BACK! I have been sick for the past three days, but I am feeling a lot better! I will see ya tonight right?? Love ya bud! 8) :lol: :D :!:
Kelly Hodge
did you delete your myspace again??hmmmm
Tim Stevens
Hey happy new years to yu ! Hope you had a great one ! I\'m just very tired! Hey I got a game tom. and hopefully we will win. But anywhoo. Well I hope you have a great night and I\'ll ttyl. Caleb 8)
Tim Stevens
MERRY CHRISTmas !!!!!!!!!!! Hopw was ur day ? I hope ur day was good . I wrapped ur present tonight. I\'ll give it to you Sunday :D ......HAve a wonderful day .... BF :D
Kelly Hodge
Hey pray for the Pike and Greeson family. Little Matthew Pike past away today :cry:
Kelly Hodge
so guess who got a new car?? hmmm i wonder
Kelly Hodge
hey how did your game go? You have not clled me in forver. . I dont have kooties a know!
Kelly Hodge
aww sweet caleb love you bunches! hope you had a great thanksgiving!
Kelly Hodge
Hey bud I tried to put a new pic in your photo album but im not sure if it worked or not!
Kelly Hodge
Caleb Stevens! You have not left me a message in a while! Im upset with you!
Tim Stevens
MY B !!!!!! How\'s ur week ? Mnie is doing goood now that I\'m out for thanksgiving break. If u want 2 do something after church tonight we can. But anywhoo . Love You !!!!!! Your The Best !!!!!!!! :D
Kelly Hodge
CALEB Stevens! Guess what?? you might have a date saturday night! have a good day! lol

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