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Short Stories
EPISODE 1: PRESENTING SELF TO GOD IS NOT ENOUGH BY: SHORT STORY artiste Eliza the queen had stopped the idea of putting in her best and not even the slightest of her efforts could be utilized and thus she had abandoned the thinking of doing her utmost as an individual and she had offered a reason for it. She'd just found out that presenting herself to God alone wasn't enough to impact the hurting world. "People are being killed," she told her friend, Eliaza, "So thinking about presenting self might just be good enough for the babes in Christ or it just looks like the beginning to me." Eliaza had been thinking about this, too, and she'd considered the matter to herself so many times. She had seen that approving of one person's character was good but, still, not good enough. She'd considered that a single person's best could be easily corrupted and that the entire human race should be challenged to get involved. A community could make a bigger impact, she reasoned, than the result of one whose good nature could be at the risk of being later corrupted. "Every family must take concrete steps to ensure that character and the embracing of chastizing are being taught in the home and graded like a school paper," she said to Eliza the queen who was almost lost in her usual deep thought. End.
Short Stories

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