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Daniel Pope
Skateboard Deck
Daniel Pope
Linkin Park
Daniel Pope
Daniel Pope
three days grace
Daniel Pope
pap roach
Daniel Pope
Daniel Pope
airsoft in my backyard
Daniel Pope
Daniel Pope
supp, how you doin?
Shelby Walker
hey im shelby :) wats up ?
Daniel Pope
cool, the only place we play is the airsoft feild we made in some woods, with car parts, forts, ditches, trees and its aite
Daniel Pope
lol doesnt hurt to make sure haha, and i never get tired of watching his vids lol, and i tell u one thing airsoft in nc sucks cuz everywheres privot property....
Evan is my name Something with an H.
Dude the doggies videos arent as good anymore, like his new ones, the editing is boring haha. But yeha doesnt sound fun. airsoft in cali is pretty good
Daniel Pope
thats really kool man, i might try it out, hey if you like airsoft vids scoutthedoggie has a bunch of videos on youtube, they have an average of like 90 people playing per game, i mite take a trip up there sometime and see if i can join
Evan is my name Something with an H.
Lol dude of course i know of him, been watching his vids for like two yrs haha it would be sad if i didn\'t know him

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