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Trevor Costello
cousins room again
Trevor Costello
ahh nothin btw thats my cousins room im staying wi
Trevor Costello
thinking about my gf
Trevor Costello
ouch hurt my eyes
Trevor Costello
ahhhh too close!! lol
Trevor Costello
fixing my hair in the front
Trevor Costello
darn it my cousin caught me sleeping lol
Trevor Costello
Me in my room i know messy
Trevor Costello
Trevor Costello
yeah its ok im goin to church tonight with my gf and my best friend oh thanks
Melissa Lauren
oh and ur welcome about the pics lol srry forgot to say it :P
Melissa Lauren
oh awesome lol I just came back from my youth group lol hope you have fun :)
Melissa Lauren
hey you remebered my name lol wayts up? im just chilling hey srry I left ya on chat I had to go lol srry about that oh sweet you got a pic up lol
Melissa Lauren
hey Trevor nice pics lol i saw them hehe
Trevor Costello
yeah lol HEY MELISSA! what is up?

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