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Heather Mutart
Bret Shroats
FYI I should be getting a new sn soon named FFEKUman4life
Heather Mutart
that was fun trowing the candy at u intill we got in trob opps hehehehe i wish i could have stay along and hold ur kitty\'s again so...what ya what to how\'s ash :D well g2g lve ya lots HEather :)
kelsea smith
oh yeah i am a butthead now :cry: and just think u wanted me to go there on my spring break 2 c u! lol im jus playing :D but yeah i cant go there on my spring break just to let u know i cant because my mom dont want me to b gone on Easter and we r going to my grandmas 4 Easter.....but i really wanted to go there but maybe i can go there some
kelsea smith
sorry ran out of room but wat i was saying is that maybe i can go there some other time and plus u r comeing here on the 9th so maybe i will get to c u then well later luv ya Kelsea :D
Heather Mutart
hey butthead waz up bye for now hehehehe lve ya sis :)
Heather Mutart
thats cool i love that show 8)
Ryan McPherson
yeah I watch it sometimes :lol:
Heather Mutart
tho i stop by and say hi butt head :lol: i still love u sis :D
Heather Mutart
good but i didn\'t make it oh well i had fun tho u hung up on me 10 times last night u butt head :lol: hehehehehe
kelsea smith
lol thats funny but how did ur fine arts thing go?or something like that go?
Heather Mutart
heyheyhey waz up :roll:
Heather Mutart
i know i really wanted to come but i have fine arts 2morrow and i have to skip school so my mom said to stay home cause i would have miss 3 days of school maybe i can have u come to ohio soon that would be fun am talking about having a party with some of my friends at school maybe u can go to ohio for that idk lol am so scared i\'ll mess up 2morrow..
Heather Mutart
for fine arts oh well i write a lot i had to write on the wall again because it wouldn\'t let me type any more lol lve ya heather byebye :roll:
kelsea smith
hey heather wats up nm here but i have not talked or seen u in a lonf time...i so need to got o ohio or u need to come to indiana hey Nancy is here to toay...u should have came w/her well latter love ya kelsea :lol:

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