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Lexy wouldnt u like to know!!
me(right) sis angel (left)
ethan cannon
yea that pic is old like 3 years and i have any barley and i need to put a new pic up and im ethan
Eli ortiz
hehy whats up
Lexy wouldnt u like to know!!
ya u r zit man omg i have never seen dat many zits all at once jk jk lol im lexy
Tiffany C
Thanx 4 bein my friend! :D
Logan Morris
hey wuz up
Josh Kelly
sup??? add me plz!!!
Logan Morris
ok i did
Lexy wouldnt u like to know!!
ya u r so am i add me plz
Lexy wouldnt u like to know!!
sweet thanks ps y r u in the bathroom
taliah someone
read ur messages there should b 2 that i sent u
taliah someone
nothing im just watching my brothers play some violence game its weird
taliah someone
hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taliah spehar
ya im having alot of fun r u?
taliah spehar
i am really mad at tyler

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