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Sonja O
Alexandra Belvis
hey...thanks for calling me wed!! :) everything is pretty good. i\'m going back to school tomorrow, but i\'ll be back for Easter.
Heather Smith
hey.. i made a group for people that go to our church.. you could join it. lol so whats up?
Laquita Lewis
Hi, Another Grammy here, from NC. Been to Illinoise twice. Took my son to Hyles Anderson College in Indiana and rode into Chicago. That\'s as far as I got though. I hope to do a lot more traveling (travel nursing that is) in a couple of years. Travel nursing is the only way I can afford to travel, but it is a nice way to do it. get to know folks
Mary Doak
Hello from one Grammy to another one here in Maine. How long have u bn scrapbookn?
Alexandra Belvis
hey awesome pic!! :D
Sonja O
Happy Birthday Vicky!!! :D :D :D :D :D
Sonja O
Yeah, I figured it out and have an updated site. Just have to get my picture on there now and some more like you do. Your page is very cool!!! :D
Alexandra Belvis
well it looks like you know what ur doing...you have cool colors and a music video. i think you should be the one helping me :D but i'll still help you if you want sometime!
Sonja O
Hi Marianna, Yes I do like your page a lot. It is so you and a lot of fun. I need to work on mine to make it as cool as yours. :D
Sonja O
Hey Vicky, Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. We decided to all pitch in and get stuff to make it easier. I can't believe camp is just around the corner. :lol:
Sonja O
Hey there, I'd love to have you help me make my page all cool and stuff. I started trying one day and it kept telling me I had to be logged on. I was logged on, and I was getting so frustrated. :x Today I finally got background color. Jake has a digital camera but he lost the cord so I can't get my picture out of his camera yet. HELP!!!! :)
Mariana Alyo
hey do u like my page :) bye
Poof 90
Hey has everyone gotten together to discuss what everyones getting for the kids gift bags for camp? Ill get socks if noones claims it Let me know
Alexandra Belvis
hey ms sonja! if ya want i can help you with ur page and make it look all cool and stuff 8) glad ur my buddy now :D

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