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Sara Lindquist
MyPraize Band
Hey wutz up!!! We going around promoting the new mixtape that is coming out soon it\'s called \"Sample of Life\" Check out our page and check it out. Let us know what you think. Look for the hit singles \"For the Hood\" and \"C\'mon Baby!!\". Thanx for your support. God Bless
MyPraize Band
hey whats up? chillin checkin out the mypraize world. hey if you listen to christian rock you should check out the band I play drums for we're called Undertow....myspace.com/rockwithundertow or if hip hop's your thing i write and produce christian hip hop it's myspace.com/wretchedmandjr. thanks and let me know what ya think....grace n peace
Sara Lindquist
Hey! Hope you had a fantastic day today :D
Andrew Gates
Hey! Whats up?
Sara Lindquist
hey hows it goin??
Sara Lindquist
Well thanks for droppin by cutie! Hope you have a fun weekend :D
Sara Lindquist
Hey! Have a great weekend :D
Sara Lindquist
Have a fantastic weekend!! :D
Sara Lindquist
Justin Keith
haven't talked to u in a while so i thought id drop by to say hey! :)
Alex Taylor
hay just thought i would say hi :D
Sara Lindquist
Hey! Thanks for being my friend :D
charity matsen
hey, have you ever heard of hibbing/...if not i live like and hour north of duluth!!!...well for about three omre months and then i'm off to wyoming!!...but that's cool! :lol:
Sara Lindquist
Hey ! :D How's it goin :?:

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