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Emily Steward
aren't they so pretty?!??!?!?!
Emily Steward
my cell phone fred (yes i named it)
Emily Steward
ok my main photo before mine right now
Emily Steward
Emily Steward
Bam! Just like that lol idk
Emily Steward
HEYYYYYYYYYY!!! I don\'t like ever get on here. Idk if you do either. FB is sooo much better lol. But what\'s up? How\'s life? We don\'t really talk on fb either, but here we used to like...alllllllll the time. But how are ya? 8D
brandy pearson
Hey Emily,,,, Sorry that I have not been on in a while:))))I have been really busy.If you ever want to talk to me my cellphone number is 405-816-6907!!!
Emily Steward
Hey you finally added me! haha ya well haha i dont get on much anymore obviously cuz of fb! but you probably wont get this untill hmmmm.... maybe next June haha jk but ok see you sunday!
Jessica Dale
hey i have a facebook add me!
Emily Steward
soon to be ditto lol!
Jessica Dale
i know i love harry potter ive read the whole series and im on the last twilight book! harry potter and twiligt are my favorite series
Emily Steward
i know im really excited but kinda mad that i have to finish harry potter :( but i love those books so its not that big of deal! :p
Jessica Dale
they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Steward
oh my friends mom is letting me borrow twilight and new moon! but my parents say that i have to finish the harry potter series first im on the order of the phoenix and so then after i finish that one i will have two more books! They look really good i cant wait to start them!
Emily Steward
thanks ya me too i have 3 Christmas songs i have to learn lol!

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