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Gus Vega
Me and Boss
Gus Vega
Mr. Coffe & Captin Chino
Gus Vega
The Boys
Gus Vega
Nick J.
Hey gus, how do i get a song? Yours is so cool. RELIANT K RULEZ!!!!!!!!! 8)
Gus Vega
Hey man, nice picture.
Nick J.
GUS WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gus Vega
Hye man, felt bad about not getting ont his in while so i thought i would get back on and see whats up. Hows it going buddy?
alyssa dolberry
life is amazing! =) summer is around the corner, and i\'ll be back to the amazing state of arizona...for a couple of weeks! whoo! cant wait!! lol
nichele petersen
Things are alright...Miss church but other than that...haha Anything new and exciting going on??
Gus Vega
Things are going well. How about you? Sorry its taken a while to get back i dont really get on this very much anymore.
Gus Vega
Hey, hows it going? things are going well for me. Hows life treating you?
alyssa dolberry
hola, como estas me amigo!
nichele petersen
heyy Gus!!! hows it going??
megan fletcher
hey supermgus! hahaha me and savvie made that up. its the perfect name for you! hahaha. im tired. so....wats up?

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