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MyPraize Band
Fires of Life
MyPraize Band
Where'd it go??
MyPraize Band
hannah shell
are you a star i mean pop star
kazzin rhoden
hi lol look for luckdog
aubrey cole
MyPraize Band
Hi \"mother of 2\"...I\'m a mother of 2 with a 3rd on the way. Sometimes it\'s insane, but all the laughter makes up for it! :wink: You\'re husband\'s from Edmonton? Sweeet!
kambrie tudor
u guys r awesome
Jennae Schenk
First of all I want to say that I really like your sound and have enjoyed listening to yuor music. Second of all, I find it cool that you are from Edmonton, AB....so is my husband. All of his family and friends are still there and we visit once a year. Anyways, that\'s all. Take Care and God Bless! :D
MyPraize Band
MyPraize Band
Thanks for accepting our invite :)
Kami Cecil
I love you songs add me :D 8)
MyPraize Band
What's your motivation?
Seth Tucker
Thanks for the add, please feel free to check out my band arbor Vitae here on mypraize, you can find a link to it through my buddies list. If you like, please feel free to pass around. God Bless. :D
MyPraize Band
Thanks for the add!! God Bless.

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