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MyPraize Band
The Wedding
MyPraize Band
The wedding - In Center
MyPraize Band
The wedding.
MyPraize Band
Fracture album cover
MyPraize Band
MyPraize Band
cool music bro
MyPraize Band
Thanks for all the kind words. I uploaded a blog with all the lyrics for the album \"Fracture\" in it. If i have time later, I\'ll try to upload it for the other songs (off of the unreleased \"Chapter Closed\" album).
Grace Martin
You guys really have NO idea how much I l
Grace Martin
Please, can you like, write down all the lyrics to ALL of your songs in a blog entry? I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.
Grace Martin
It is really too bad you guys are no longer preforming. Darn, I FINALLY find a band I love after almost a year of searching, and they are over!
Love Your music
MyPraize Band
I am a watchman.
Joe Montore
thank YOU... you\'re music is sick... indie music is awesome... i\'m actually starting an indie band... hopefully we\'ll be on here soon... i\'ll let you know if we do
MyPraize Band
i have added you - think you might have to approve it. Thanks very much for the love.
MyPraize Band
Thanks for the add!

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